Telephone Sales


Telephone sales is dead - long live telephone sales!

Not just cold calling!


There has been so much cold calling in recent years that it even resulted in a BBC Documentary covering the subject. Unfortunately a lot of this type of cold calling, which involves business to public calls, has given telephone sales a bad name.

It is our view that effective telephone sales between businesses, is still effective, especially when used within part of a wider marketing campaign. The term 'telephone sales' may be a little misleading however. Most of our customers are not actually trying to sell anything directly on the telephone, and certainly not to companies they do not know. Very often the primary aim is to arrange a meeting where the sale will hopefully take place. This mind-set alone is often helpful when considering your telephone 'sales' campaign.

We can help your business organise and implement a successful telephone sales campaign. This will often include the training of the staff member who is to make the calls. From our experience, the more prepared the staff member is, the more confidant they are and the better the results. A typical campaign will include the following:

  • Confidence building and call planning
  • Potential from existing customer base
  • Identifying potential target markets
  • Approach methods and the wider marketing context
  • 'Warming up' the call
  • Constructing an effective message
  • Practical assistance with call techniques
  • Open and closed questions
  • Breaking down objections
  • Leaving the door open
  • Dealing with rudeness and rejection

Whatever your needs, contact us to discuss how we can help you run a successful telephone sales campaign.