Sales Improvement


Are you ready to take the next step and expand your business?

Are you spending most of your time working in, and not working on your business?

Could you benefit from some assistance increasing your sales?


We have worked with many small and medium sized businesses helping them to increase profitable sales. There are many reasons we are asked to help, it may be a desire to aggressively expand, or to organise a coherent sales strategy after a period of organic growth, or possible to provide a boost to flagging sales figures.

When working with business owners who do not see themselves as 'sales people', we often ask how they define 'sales people'. Some stereo-types are inevitably involved, and one of these is that a good sales person needs to be extroverted. This is not the case, with many extremely successful sales people actually being rather introverted and quiet natured. Once this concept has been explained and the key to successful introverted selling fully realised, it can be something of a revelation!

After a free initial consultation, we start with agreeing a 'capture sentence', or maybe two, which defines what the client wants to achieve. This is a useful 'anchor' which prevents too much drift off of topic, and this statement is present on various documentation throughout the process.

A 'Discussion Framework' is another useful document to be used when appropriate, and again, this is employed by us to guide both parties through the steps necessary towards our ultimate goals. Each customer is different, accordingly the discussions and methods employed will be unique to each situation. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

These disciplines mean that we can offer a service that brings about real, tangible results. At Aquarius Learning, we do not base our offering upon templates and indistinct modular sales assistance alone. We offer a personal service which relies on a good understanding of our client's business, and a thorough approach which provides real tangible benefits to your bottom line. 

Lastly, as with all our work, we are advocates of honest and ethical sales generation and this is evident in all our work with our customers.


Contact us if the time has come to move your business forward and increase your profitable sales.