Recruiting Sales Staff


Want a great sales person? - Think like a sales person!


It is a daunting prospect to recruit, train and retain a really good sales person. We have vast experience in this field and know exactly what to look for in these circumstances. We can assist in various ways, including:

  •  Defining realistic expectations from your sales staff
  • Setting and monitoring of challenging yet achievable targets
  • Deciding upon remuneration, commission and incentives
  • Selection according to character type
  • Filtering applications and interviewing
  • Ensuring a proper fit within your team
  • Providing the tools needed to be successful
  • Targeted sales training
  • Continuous improvement and monitoring

You may only want assistance in a couple of the areas above, or perhaps you have a sales person working for you already who could benefit from our input? Whatever your requirements, contact us for a chat with absolutely no obligation.

Our specialist advise and assistance will help you make the right decision