Merchandising for profit


Increase your average transaction value

Reduce stock loss and increase profits

Elevate your company image


With extensive experience in a number of retail sectors, we are able to offer effective assistance in this area. One good definition of sales and selling is simply 'the offering of goods and services,' so how this offering is made is crucial, and we believe structured, considered merchandising has a large part to play.

Once the customer brief has been discussed and their requirements established, customer behaviour and flow is examined, with grouping and product placement being decided as a result. Eye line and prime placement is also considered. Various items will fall in to certain purchase type categories which will also have an impact on positioning and display. Collaborating with the business owner throughout, another consideration will be reducing stock loss.

Small to medium sized businesses will often consider merchandising optimisation as being something that only larger companies can afford. The service we offer can be designed to suit any budget, and always has the primary aim of increasing sales and profit margins.