The Customer Journey


Gain a better understanding of your customers

Engage your staff in continuous improvement

Empower your team using collaboration


One of the most interesting assignments we undertake is to conduct a review for clients as to how effectively their customers are dealt with by their organisation, from a customer service and sales perspective. Were people greeted properly?  Are products being explained in the correct manner?  Are the appropriate questions being asked? Were the right sales opportunities recognised? Which buying signals are being ignored? When and how is the order being asked for? get the idea

This process can apply equally well to businesses of all sizes, and is of course more relevant for businesses who have close contact with the customer base, either directly or indirectly.

There are occasions where we are asked to engage in a 'Secret Shopper' role, and visit the premises under the guise of a customer. Whilst this invariably has it's advantages, this approach needs to be managed carefully to ensure that the staff do not feel misled. Following up when providing feedback to staff often involves employing some humour to assist in the learning process.

Very often, the customer journey can be effectively tracked collaborating with both staff and management. It is amazing how many times it becomes apparent to all involved that there are better ways of dealing with customers, and increasing sales and margin along the way.

Customer contact, when examined from both a sales and customer perspective, can always be improved. Make no mistake, this is no 'tick-box' exercise designed to be all warm and fluffy!


This process is undertaken with a view to positively impacting on your bottom line.