Complaint Handling


All businesses will inevitably attract a certain number of customer complaints. This may be due to unreasonable expectation on behalf of the customer, a lack of communication or the business simply getting something wrong.

From a sales perspective once the complaint has been made,  how this is then dealt with is all important. One statistic from a study suggests that on average, individuals will tell seven other people if they believe they have received poor customer service. The same study claims that individuals will only tell one other person if they have received excellent service. Bad new travels fast!

Dealing with upset customers can be an unpleasant experience, and training to assist in handling these difficult situations will boost staff confidence and morale. From experience, a complaint that is well handled and exceeds expectations can lead to the complainant being converted to become an advocate of the business.

We can assist your business in improving complaint handling, visiting your premises or remotely in a classroom situation. An effective Complaint Procedure which includes follow-up will result, which will not only increase efficiency, but surprisingly also provide new opportunities to increase sales.