Enjoy being a Great Sales Person....

                                                          10 Top Tips


  • Don’t let negative views of selling get in the way
  • Honest and ethical selling is really just helping people to make the correct decision.
  • YOU are the most powerful reason people buy.
  • Listen – Everyone’s favourite subject is themselves.
  • Be sure you understand the key drivers for people buying your goods or services.
  • People do not buy products they buy solutions to problems.
  • Smile, be positive and confident, make eye contact with a good posture.
  • Persuade be asking a good mix of questions: Open questions   -  emotive and passes control. Closed questions -  fact finding keeps control
  • FAB – Features / Advantages / Benefits
  • Break down objections and ask for the order.
  • Don’t give up……. SWSWSWSW – Some will /  Some won’t / So what? / Some are waiting!


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