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Jason Routley is the founder of Aquarius Learning and is an award winning public speaker. He is also a  member of Toastmasters International, which is an organisation that attracts some of the best speakers in the world. Having performed all around the country, and to audiences of over 5000, he is ideally placed to engage with your audience and provide a memorable experience.


Conference or After Dinner

Harnessing extensive corporate experience in both field sales and sales and operations management, Jason offers a number of speeches that will act as a platform to carry and deliver your message should this be required. Having been to many conferences when in corporate life, he recognises that only the most dynamic, unique and often humorous speakers are remembered. A lively stage presence and 'showman' style that originates from many years on national tour as lead singer in a rock band, ensure that the event will be remembered for many years to come. Involving the audience is bound to be part of the agenda and no-one can be too sure what is going to happen next!


We are sometimes asked to professionally present a product or service, on behalf of clients to their potential customers. This presentation would normally be a dual role, with our client present and available to answer any technical questions that may arise. When the pressure of presenting is removed, experience has shown that clients are able to focus upon the meeting far more effectively whilst presenting their proposal expertly and confidently.

Studies have shown that many people fear public speaking more than almost anything else. There are many advantages to receiving some assistance in this regard from someone who, somewhat strangely, enjoys the spotlight!


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