Managing Sales People


External sales

Selling can be a lonely business and it is our experience that sales people, particularly those who are 'out on the road', experience cyclical highs and lows. Self-motivation is key to success and being able to recognise an impending low cycle early enough, and then halting a slide in to a period of relative inactivity contributes towards making a great sales person.

This is not always as easy as it sounds however, and this is where we can help: You may be concerned about the performance of individuals and appreciate some external assistance from a fresh perspective. Perhaps you are employing someone new in a sales role and they need some help in a certain area? With many years experience of field sales and sales management in the corporate business to business sector, we understand what motivates sales professionals. External consultancy is often invaluable in providing a fresh insight, and we provide an honest and forthright evaluation if required, to assist you in getting the most from your sales team.


Internal and telephone sales

Whilst we in many ways offer a similar service for internal sales staff to that explained above, team dynamics and working environment  play a large part in determining the the success of your internal sales team. We can help you in this area whilst focusing on your customer's experience when dealing with your company and your staff. Please see the section on Team Dynamics below.

If you already have a telephone sales team in place, we would be happy to review the systems and message delivery. With experience of telephone sales campaigns from concept through to implementation, we are well placed to offer practical advice and support.

We have a background of working within a corporate environment which combines telephone and customer-facing sales in the same premises. This experience is invaluable when working with clients to increase the productivity and harmony of the internal sales force.


Team Dynamics

With the assistance of our associate trainers we are able to offer insightful and inspirational consultancy and training regarding team dynamics.

In most cases a sales team grows on an organic basis with individuals joining and leaving at random intervals. This can sometimes leave individuals isolated, or the whole team lacking harmony and motivation.

The answer can very often be as simple as it is ingenious. Small changes in team placement, or training to promote understanding of the dynamics that effect us all can lead to a contented team with tremendous results. 


If you would like to discuss how you can get the best from a happy sales team, please contact us for a free initial consultation with absolutely no obligation.