Best Practise Workshops


Reduce the disparity between results in your Management Accounts

Increase your return on capital employed

Work better together as a team


For any organisation that has multiple outlets, sales people or managers, one of the largest challenges is often having to deal with the disparities contained within your key performance indicators and results. It is often not clear as to why one outlet has a recurrent stock loss whilst the others do not. Why do certain teams struggle with sales targets when other teams always exceed budgets? Why is it that certain teams are always working well together and others never seem to be harmonious?

The sharing of best practice is by no means a new idea. Many companies will discuss best practise within their meetings. When senior management is present however, there is always a possibility that, whilst everyone is willing to share their successes, individuals are far less willing to talk openly about their shortcomings.

Aquarius Learning, working with specialist associate trainers as necessary, organise and deliver Best Practise Workshops that effectively promote the sharing of both the great ideas and the obstacles that face your teams. This cross-fertilisation within organisations inevitably raises training, organisational or resource needs that were not previously apparent. A report is then issued highlighting the results and findings, and any recommendations to assist in increasing your productivity are highlighted and discussed.


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